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Hey Everyone!

Just want to let you know we are still in business. In the background we are doing alot of brainstorming of how to bring to you new content, creative content and also make sure to keep you engaged. Keep your suggestions coming for featured quartets, choruses, and other things going on in the barbershop world!

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Soppy Barbershop Post

Happy Tuesday,


We posted on our facebook page.  I know its been a while.  Thats what you get when you dont sit down to a PC for a few months.  We have been busy.  If you have seen Mr. Matthew “BarbershopMe” Gorman flying around the US to get his fix of barbershop related goods, then congratulations.  I have made some great friends along the way and finally got to meet a few people who I thought only existed on the internet.

First, a big thanks to Gary Plaag.  Coolest barbershopper on the planet.  The most humble man you will meet in our circles.  He does so much, doesnt get enough thanks, selflessly volunteers his time all for the greater good of our hobby.  Kudos Gary, thanks for all you do, have done, and all the endless hours you have spend supporting “us”.

Second, to the Carolina Vocal Express and Heart of Carolina Chorus, thanks for putting up with my attendance, my absence and all thats in between.  Look forward to making music with you every week/month.

The Good Old Days Quartet took up most of my time in Roanoke, Va at the Southern Division contest of the M-AD.  They are currently having a fundraising campaign to bring their underfunded broke New York selves to #BHSLV so make sure to click, and donate and get some goodies here –

Or their Facebook here –

I was able to go to a show in my own state that had an awesome top 20 quartet – Instant Classic (  There is tons of great videos on our YouTube Page of their performance.  Thanks to the Cape Fear Chordsmen for the great show, youth festival and awesome afterglow!

I also met Monorail Four from Alexandria (facebook friendships are now official for all four), I sang as a mic-rester with Mike Kelly and Richard Llewellyn(sp), I met THE Bill Colosimo.  He didn’t want to get his picture taken with me, but we will work on that folks.

Basically we have the best hobby in the world and you shouldn’t go a day without appreciating that to its fullest deserved space in the universe.  We can communicate on the web, meet each other in person, and because of this shared love we have for a 4 part music that has killer harmonies, we are all accepted.  More pictures to come from my mobile.  


Love you all and in harmony we trust,




Choridac Arrest Week on BarbershopMe

Hey Barbershoppers! I cam coming back from a NCHB (North Carolina Harmony Brigade) weekend and I have never sung so much in my entire life. You havent gotten involved in the brigade program put your nose to the grindstone and get to it. This week we have a #throwback #feature for you all from the 80’s and 90’s. One of the first quartets I was ever exposed to was Chordiac Arrest. Take some time and watch this video….we will share some more of their comedic performances this week! Enjoy and its great to be a Barbershopper!!!

Vocal Spectrum Featured on

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I know its a day late but this quartet was probably the biggest deal over the holidays with the launch of their Christmas Album! Please welcome Tim, Eric, Chris, and Jonny…. Vocal Spectrum, our BarbershopMe featured quartet of the week. This is my favorite VS performance on the internet for the last few years. I think its insane the quality of the performance live. Please click the like button, and share with your friends!!! What is your favorite Vocal Spectrum video/song?



BarbershopMe Founders Fundraiser @Teespring!

Hey everyone!

We are BarbershopMe!  We are a social media hub for all things a capella and we have a little soft spot for the good old American style of Barbershop Singing.  The organization we support here in the US is the Barbershop Harmony Society ( and they have many tools and resources available for you all to use.

We would like to get our little show off the ground.  I would like to give away more CD’s, feature more groups of all sizes, popularity and location.  Free learning tracks, free Harmony Marketplace items, and bring it all to you without any fees or charges but we do need support.  You might have wanted to be a firefighter, a doctor, or an astronaut when you grew up.  I wanted to be an aca-entrepreneur.  Please help us grow.

Help by retweeting our tweets and buying a t-shirt!




Happy Holidays – BarbershopMe

We dont have a great video of our headquarters (1100 sqft apartment in Raleigh) nor do we have a multitrack video to show our incredible talents.

But we do have these.

Happy Holidays from the Barbershop Harmony Society – 

Some of our favorite holiday Multi-Tracks

Simon Rylander –

Rhett Roberts – (CHeck out his new CD @

BordOnTheStreet –

Julien Neel –

In other words, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Thanks for making BarbershopMe last through its first year.  We are trying to find a way to become profitable so we can keep up the giveaways and promotions without asking quartets, choruses and myself coming up with the cds, money or gifts.  If you would like to donate please send funds to through PayPal.

We love you all and couldn’t be happier to call you all our friends.


Matt Gorman

@gormanizm skype/twitter/kik

Free GQ CD Giveaway


Hey everyone!   Help us become famous and we reward you with goodies. Such as free GQ ( CD’s from us here at BarbershopMe.

The others are available in two other places


Go there and share the same picture you see above and you will be entered in to win the CD again!

2. Go to

Find the same picture and click the re-tweet button. Every re-tweet on that one tweet will be entered in as well.

Thanks for being a supporter of BarbershopMe. Let us know who you want to see next.

I’m fairly certain that Katie Mac could tap out most BHS basses and it’d be an upgrade.

We all know that when it comes to folk style songs, GQ is amazing.

Perhaps you didn’t realize that their bass, Katie MacDonald, is a freakin’ BOSS when it comes to singing solos. Go ahead and have a listen!

Oh, and just so you know, this song is featured on their new CD that you can purchase at!


Dave’s favorite GQ song.

Seriously, this song is amazing! It really builds!

GQ week at BarbershopMe!

Well we figured that since they just release a brand new CD, that we should show them some love and get their name out there!

The CD (which is fantastic by the way) can be purchased at!

To give you a taste of one of the songs, here’s some GQ footage!

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